Paulie Parrot-Lite


Help Paulie collect as many Paulie Coins as you can!

Take to the skies as a Macaw Parrot named Paulie. To begin, tap the screen and continue tapping- each tap enables Paulie to stay airborne while collecting Paulie Coins along this journey through the jungle!

Be careful though- the jungle is full of dangerous obstacles and creatures! If Paulie fly's into one of these obstacles or creatures, your journey through the jungle will have to restart.

Paulie Parrot-Lite provides one-life intervals to see how many Paulie Coins you can help Paulie get.

Please note: This app, Paulie Parrot-Lite, is the FREE version of 'Paulie Parrot'. 

Download 'Paulie Parrot' (paid version) and receive these fun and exciting additions:

- Paulie will have 3 lives which can be used to get an even higher score!

- You have access to the official Paulie Parrot Leader Board, where you may post your top

   score and compete with other Paulie Players around the world!

- Don't want to use the Leader Board? No worries, we also include an in-game score 

   tracker which stores your top score within the Paulie Parrot App, so only you can see it!

- Access to the in-game 'About Paulie' section, where you can learn about Paulie and the 

   Macaw parrot species!

- Access to the 'Contact the Developer', which provides our users the ability to contact Yelo 

   directly for any issues or feedback they may have!